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HIL5 2012 Amy Jade ( black & white )
HIL6 2012 Amy Jade ( yellow )
HIL7 2012 Amy Jade (Blue)
HIL7 2012 Amy Jade (Red)
HIL8 2012 Dita Von Teese
HIL3 2011 Hero to Zero
HIL2 2011 I'm Too Hot For My Burka
HIL1 2010 I'm Too Hot For My Burka ( Lifesize edition )
HIL9 2013 Kate
HIL5 2012 Make Tea not War
HIL15 2013 Mandela (Blue)
HIL14 2013 Mandela (Orange)
HIL11 2013 Mandela (Pink)
HIL13 2013 Mandela (Red)
HIL12 2013 Mandela (Yellow)
HIL10 2013 Monadonna
HIL4 2011 The Kiss
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